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Check out the 2013 March/April issue of Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine, Read the article on Brazos River, NM and see what they had to say about Brazos River Ranch… Great Article, Must Read!!!
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“I’m reminiscing my trip to Bo Prieskorn's Brazos River Ranch. Just returned yesterday. Summarizing - probably the most beautiful place in the US, possibly in the world. Miles of water of various types and situations spread out over 5k acres in the high back country (10k feet) of the Rockies in NM. Wild huge, hard fighting bows and crazy beautiful brooks ALL on top-water. Elk bugling in the deep green meadows of the valleys, curious marmots watching the action from their perch on the massive canyon rock formations. Some of THE BEST guides in our great nation - all from Nick Streit's Taos Fly Shop. Personally guided by Fly Fishing legend and Hall of Fame Taylor Streit. Exceptional grub prepared by Executive Chef McKenzie. And of course...great friends”. Dr. Zieg


One More Cast, Dad!

5 year old Austin is a true fly fishing prodigy... Does he catches bigger fish then you?





Day With The Kids


Beautiful Fish On The Brazos


Some Happy Campers


5 Year Old Austin Putting The Smack Down

Can you say one happy camper, watch this video on Austin telling you his story…


Brazos River Ranch New Commercial

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2011 Fly Rod Chronicles Hosted Event

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2011 Fly Fishing-- 20 Inch BROOKIE!! WOW


2011 Fly Fishing-- Its been AWESOME!

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2011 Fly Fishing-- Its been AWESOME!


Fly Rod Chronicles Hosted Event

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Fly Rod Chronicles Brazos Rainbow in 4 Parts

Please View Fly Rod Chronicles Brazos Rainbows. Aired on the Sportsman’s Channel Jan. 12, 2011